The Amarillo Bulls have been playing since early September. Check your calendars it is the 13th of May. They should have been done playing at the end of March.

They took this season farther than they have in a while. It's been fun to watch.

They should have been done but not this year. They made it to the first round of playoffs. They won it at home.

Then came the second round. It took them to go to the deciding game, again at home. They won that one too.

Which brought us to 3 wins away to the Robertson cup in Minnesota.

Game one we won easily. The second one led us to overtime. A tough loss. Which brought us to do or die game three.

We have been here many times. This was the first time that the deciding game was on the road.

It was too much for us. We played our hearts out but ended up on the short end losing to Aberdeen Wings 3-0. A painful way to end the season.

credit: Amarillo Bulls Hockey Facebook Page
credit: Amarillo Bulls Hockey Facebook Page

We have been playing since September. It’s been a great season and all we can do is look ahead.

This Amarillo Bulls team is one to watch! We will be back in 2019/2020! Watch for us! We have a great team and great fans.

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