There are many decisions to make before most weddings can happen. As the groom in my wedding, I was asked a lot of questions, that required a yes or no answer.

There were a few, where I was asked to draw out my response, which included "What would like your groom cake to be?" Other than delicious, I really didn't have an answer that was past chocolate or vanilla.

Enter Three Brothers Bakery in Houston. They clearly understand Texans. A picture of a "Whataburger" groom's cake, caught my attention. I started thinking about the backstory and wondered, if the couple met at Whataburger. Did they share taquitos at 3am? Do they both have a love for green chili? If one can master the time between the time they place their Whataburger order and receive it, they can surely bring the patience it takes for a good marriage.

Three Brothers Bakery captured what every Texan appreciates about the Corpus Christi hamburger chain. Even the "Open 24 Hours" sign, is represented. Whataburger is a lot like love. You have decisions to make. Compromises. Bacon or no? Coke or tea?

Had I thought about it some 35 years, ago, I might have asked for Texas Stadium on my groom's cake, with big blue star in the middle of it. Or NASA. Or ZZ Top.

The Whataburger cake, makes me think this marriage will last. Someone has a sense of humor, a love for Texas cuisine, and the ability to ask for cake like this, with a straight face.

Hats off to the happy couple! Your kids may get their first job at Whataburger. UT or A&M may be discussed, in one of their booths. Three Brothers Bakery has re-created the Texas Mona Lisa.

Now, about that big blue star....


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