There use to be this magical product I used on my hair. I loved the fact that this was a cleansing conditioner. Which meant I got to use one product that cleaned and conditioned. Oh and much better than those shampoo and conditioner products.

A lot of shampoos have sulfate in them and I didn't like to use that on my hair. The cleansing conditioner did not have that. I have been using this same product for about 5 years when it disappeared off the shelf Finallat the Walgreen's that I always bought it from.

So then I went on a panic shop. I tried to find it anywhere in Amarillo. I looked online too. From time to time I would find it on Amazon or through Walmart. Oh, but I really loved the deals I would get at Walgreens. They would always have buy one get one half off deals. They even would have buy two get one free specials on hair care. So let me just say I love being frugal too. Ok, maybe even cheap at times. I love to save money.

So here I am with my favorite hair care product gone. Oh and I have been searching for substitute items. "Not My Mother's" hair care brand had a cleansing conditioner that I would buy every once in a while but it was a much smaller bottle. So I kept hunting.

A few weeks ago on one of my weekly and sometimes daily trips to Walgreens I decided to check the hair care isle again. I would check quite frequently for a replacement. Oh I finally found one. This is a line of products called "Cake" that finally had a cleansing conditioner that was a regular size bottle.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I bought it and tried not to get excited. I mean I had to try it first. It had to pass the actual test of using it. So I couldn't wait. I just had to go ahead and give it a shot. I have used it every time since. I have even gone back and bought more of it. So it is a winner.

I am so excited. So if you too want to use a cleanser without sulfate in it....and also just want to simplify your life in the shower by using just one hair product you can try this.

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