The weekend will be here before you know it. Maybe you are already making up your shopping list. You know what you have already run out of and what is getting dangerously close.

So you will go to the store and replenish all that you need. You will get all the supplies you need for upcoming meals. You will make sure the kiddos have all they need to get them through the week for breakfast and lunch.

After shopping is the dreading putting away all of the groceries. Then the process of eating all of the food so we can do it all again. Does any of this sound familiar? When you are working on your shopping list do you make a mental picture of what is in the pantry. Can you imagine what you could be running low of in the fridge? How about all the fruit and vegetables that you may have on the counter?

If you are able to recall every bag of chips, every container of cookies you are not alone. We are much better at having total mental recall when it comes to the junk food in our house over the healthy stuff.

We know we have a half eaten cake sitting on the counter. Oh but do we have any carrots? We really have no idea. Why is this a thing? We can thank evolution over the years. We were less likely to starve to death thousands of years ago if we knew where to find all the high calorie food. So it seems our brains still work that way.

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So let me go check because I really can't remember if I have used up all the tomatoes already. Oh but I know where the Cheez Its are located.

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