Of course this is the real world and we know that junk food is not good for us. Not good for our bodies. Not good for our brains. We need to cut out as much as we possibly can. It seems during this pandemic we easily have more  junk food at the house.

It's so easy to turn to a bag of chips. Check your pantry and kitchen. How much bad for you food do you have right now? Is it a lot more than usual?

There was a study done that revealed that eating all that junk food could cause fat to seep into your brain. That doesn't sound good at all. That could end up triggering depression. when we are depressed or down in the dumps we actually lean towards eating more junk food. It's like our brains crave it to try to feel better. That never actually works. We end up feeling even worse. We pack on the pounds and that keeps that cycle going.

When we grab more junk food we just end up feeling bad about ourselves. It is all that fat in our brain causing that depression.

Once we start cutting out all the fatty food it leads to many health benefits. We start feeling happier. We start feeling healthier. Who knew that your diet could make you feel that much better? I mean it makes sense. When we run to United and grab the good for us foods we do feel better. When we eat those food our bodies and brain feel so much better too.

So next time you want to reach for those chips try reaching for some veggies instead. Instead of grabbing a pint of ice cream why not have some yogurt? Check and see how your day and mood turns around. It may just put that smile back on your face.


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