I know that seems silly. It's the absolute truth. Apparently if you use your hands to eat the food ends up tasting better.

Therefore you will eat more. Maybe that is why it is so hard to eat just one potato chip. Or hard to say no to a second cookie.They did the research. When they did they used cubed cheese. They had the volunteers eat the cheese either with or without using toothpicks to hold them.

The ones who used their hands ended up deciding that the food was more appetizing than the ones who used a toothpick. Now don't think they didn't try another experiment. The second time they used donuts. Same response.

So why is this the case? Apparently touching the food we are eating triggers an enhanced sensory response which ends up making the food more desirable and appealing.

So for me my weak spot is pizza. So I may be able to eat less pizza if I use a fork and knife....as opposed to using my hands. I wonder if it will work that way. Maybe the pizza just won't taste that good. Or maybe I will get so frustrated with the time it will take to cut the pizza and use the fork to eat it. Either way I feel that is a win for me. I mean I love pizza.

That is more my weakness then a cube of cheese or a donut anyway.

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