We have had a rough past year or so. In life things have been maybe not the easiest. As we are now getting back to a bit of a normal life. We are getting to go out and do fun stuff again and that makes us happy.

So what are some of the simple things around here that make us happy here in Amarillo. Food is one of those things. If you look on Facebook one of the simple things in life really can make us happy. How about a trip to Whataburger or Taco Villa. Those are some places that people around here really love. We love Taco Tuesday. We see this stuff on Facebook all the time.

We love getting the chance to head out to Palo Duro Canyon. We are very fortunate to have a place  like that in our backyard. Those of us that take advantage of the second largest canyon in our area really love it. We can spend a whole day our there hiking. It really is a place to help us relax and feel happy.

We have our sports teams here. We are fortunate to have the Amarillo Sod Poodles. We will be able to get back out to Hodgetown in just a few short weeks. We also have the Amarillo Venom. Amarillo had the Amarillo Bulls for many years. Now they will be moving out after this season but let's enjoy them while we can. If the rumors are true we could be seeing a new team move in as well. Fingers crossed.

In Amarillo we have a lot of nice parks we can visit. We have dog parks and skate parks. We can bring our family out to Medi Park, John Stiff Park, Southeast Park just to name a few. We need to take advantage of those places and make those memories. We will also have that new pool in Thompson Park opening up this season.

Speaking of memories how about Wonderland Park? Yes, we have that too. It's fun going out there with family. It's great when you can ride the Texas Tornado for the first time with your child. It is such a thrill when they are finally tall enough.

We have a lot of great locally owned restaurants and businesses here in Amarillo. Just way too many to list. We have great places that we can bring out of town guest to for a great meal. If they are looking for some of those unique gifts too we have places for that.

Amarillo has a lot of stuff to offer. We are very lucky. Even though we have had a rough year or so now is the time to get out and enjoy the stuff that Amarillo has to offer.

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