The summer of 2020 is coming to an end and with that one of our beloved summer activities also has to call it a season. The Amarillo Community Market has seen some challenges this year but it has survived and done great.

Early in the season they started by going virtual. All the vendors learned how to do things a different way due to covid. Everything was offered online and orders were taken and delivered or given a location to pick them up. Still it was a success.

Then the Amarillo Community Market moved to a new location. A place that made it even easier to social distance. They moved the event to the Santa Fe Depot - 401 S Grant. Center of City of Amarillo found a way to make sure that the sale still went on.

These vendors wanted to still have a way to highlight some of the great products that we have locally. So things went on. Now as we are approaching Labor Day weekend  and it's your last chance to get out and support these great people.

Don't miss all the great produce, baked goods, art & crafts from our wonderful vendors. Shopping is going on from 9 a.m. to noon at the Santa Fe Depot, 401 S. Grant, east of the Civic Center. Free admission & parking. They will even have some entertainment for you.

So as we are arriving at the unofficial end of the summer you need to get out and support Center City of Amarillo. You will end up leaving with some great items and a full belly.


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