I have plans tonight how about you? Last weekend the Amarillo Bulls found themselves in the playoffs. The first time in years. A great place to be.

They lost the first two games at home. They ended up on the road for games 3 and 4.

They needed to win them both in Corpus Christi or the season was over. Not a great place to be but it was doable. Especially finding out we had all new refs on the ice!

So Thursday was a must win situation and it went into overtime. The watch party at the Amarillo Civic Center was nervous but excited. They knew the Bulls could do it!

Boy did they! In overtime they got the win 4-3. Then came Friday night!

It was another must win situation for the Amarillo Bulls. The fans loaded in to the Corral again at the Amarillo Civic Center for another Watch Party.

I kept an eye on all the Facebook posts. It didn’t take Overtime! It was a pretty great game! They ended up winning 5-2!

So now that brings us to tonight! We are still playing! Winner takes all! One team will move on to the next round and one will go home!

The Amarillo Bulls are still in it! They are even offering a great deal for tonight’s game! All tickets are $5! You can’t get much better than that!

A family of 4 can enjoy a great night of playoff action for just $20! I always hear that there is nothing to do in Amarillo. That is changing. Our sports teams need your support! Now is the time if you haven't been out to an Amarillo Bulls game to support them. This is the playoffs!

Get you tickets HERE!


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