So cooking up a turkey is a wonderful yet scary thing.  Wonderful in the sense that the bird comes out perfect.  Scary in the sense that it turns out to be a total disaster.  So here are a few things to do when that turkey emergency arises on Thursday.


The Turkey is done too soon

Wrap it in foil and put it in a warm place.  Heck if you have an empty cooler nearby put it in the cooler, it will keep the turkey warm until you are ready to serve.  You want to avoid putting it back in the oven because it will dry out.

The Turkey is not cooking fast enough

Wrap it in foil and crank the temperature up or get the breasts to the right temperature and serve them while leaving the dark meat and drumsticks in the oven to finish cooking.

Turkey is too dry

Well there isn't much you can do about this one except for a have extra gravy on hand to cover the turkey.  I also heard about a trick where you take chicken broth and put it in a spray bottle and spray the turkey as you are carving.  It won't make it any more moist but it will keep it from drying out further.

Turkey is still frozen.

If you have to thaw a 24 pound turkey in a hurry you won't make it but if you have been thawing the turkey and it is still somewhat frozen.  Put is into  water bath and let is soak.  Keep checking the temp of the water you don't want it over 40 degrees because that is when bacteria will start to grow.

Turkey is browning too fast

Cover it loosely with foil.

When in doubt there is always

The Butterball Hotline


or visit them on line at they have live chat available.