So I put on my big girl panties and decided to make the drive. I had my Bang energy drink ready to go. I made the promise only to stop to fill up with gas. I wasn't going to stop to eat. I know my daughter will want food when I get there anyway. I wanted to make it for a 2 pm conference call. Without stopping I should pull into her apartment at 1:36 pm. So it was doable.

So first thing I noticed is really there were not many cars on the road. There were of course tons of trucks out delivering everything that is important to us. It was crazy to see all the restaurants on the way to Dallas that had hardly any cars in the parking lot....but a few in the drive thru and/or curbside.

Another thing is when driving I would always wait until Wichita Falls to get gas. I knew that stopping in any small town would just mean higher prices. Oh but not on this trip. I never saw gas higher than $1.88. Anywhere. So it really didn't matter where I stopped. So I made sure I went somewhere easy on and off to not add to my driving time.

On the way home I never noticed gas over $1.69. I even scored big in Childress. I could not believe my eyes.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Yes, you read that right. Only $1.08 for gas in Childress, TX. So as I filled up and it stopped I decided to be funny and fill up to my birthday. I filled up to $7.26 (July 26th)....I wanted to send to my daughter for a laugh. Oh, and then I saw the number of gallons that gave me. That made me laugh more when I sent it to her. She said "If I find out you are the devil!".....and I quickly responded that she was the spawn of Satan. LOL. We needed that laugh.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I did notice that our friendly police in Estelline was still there. Sitting and waiting to get someone speeding through town. We all know to slow down there....don't forget. Don't try to sneak in a few extra mph' won't end well for you. I really was surprised to see him waiting. I shouldn't be. I know this.

I really only saw one car pulled over on my whole trip. Only one. I really didn't see a lot of police on my way. I was OK with that. I was not speeding. I really wasn't.

Oh and then once I arrived in the Dallas area. The roads were nowhere near what you expect. A lot of the entrances to Toll Roads were closed. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find an easy route to her house. Oh but the George Bush Turnpike was open. I mean I guess it was. Though I didn't pass much for traffic. Not that I am complaining.

credit: Getty Images

I ended up getting in to town by about 1:30 pm. So plenty of time for my 2 pm call. Oh that I found out was moved to 3 pm. Oh well I was in town and ready for the big move.

The drive home had just as little traffic that I had to pass. The best part is the city she moved to cut off almost 30 minutes of my drive home. Oh, does that make me happy.