Any time I need an oil change I always go to Jiffy Lube. I always get the deal where I only have to get an oil change every 5,000 miles.

With that being said the last time I got an oil change was back in September of 2018. Let's just say I don't drive a whole lot. Mainly to and from work. I am also in a work vehicle a lot too. So here we are once a year for an oil change.

I am OK with that. So this weekend came and I needed my next oil change. We have a discount that if you say my name, Melissa, you will get $8 off. So I wanted to try it. I mean I want to make sure it works. Oh, I also like to save $8.

So I went in and got my oil changed. I talked with the staff for awhile. I went inside and ate my Sonic breakfast that I picked up on my way over. I always go to the Jiffy Lube on Georgia. It is the closest to my house.

I get called in to discuss what I needed. I just really needed the oil filter. They also suggested my air filter. I usually change it myself but it was only $14 so I said go ahead and get it done.

This is when I said "oh and by the way we are running a commercial on the station that if you say......and he interrupted me to say. "Yes, we were just talking about this". He knew about the discount and gave me MY OWN discount. That was so awesome. I got in and out of there in no time.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

My oil was changed and the inside of my car looked the cleanest it has in forever. So if you are needing an oil change. Go on over to any Jiffy Lube in Amarillo. Tell them Melissa sent you and save that $8. I did it!

It worked for me! Come on save that money.

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