It seems like everyone is getting sick. First one person gets it. Then another. Finally another and it seems your whole department is down and out. What are some things we can do to avoid getting it in the first place?

There are some habits we have that if we stop....guess what? We can decrease our chances of getting sick. We just have to be conscious of these things and avoid doing them.

The hardest one to do is to stop biting our nails....or really putting our fingers anywhere near our eyes, nose or mouth. That is where all the sickness is started. Our finger are  covered with all sorts of bacteria, viruses and such. I know we need to wash our hands more too. That will keep our fingers clean. Still though keep them away from our mouths.

Another bad habit that I am guilty of is eating at my desk. Think about are on that computer all day. That keyboard is more than likely covered with all kinds of germs and here you go adding food into the mix. Not a very good place to be.

This one should be an obvious one but stop smoking. Smoking decreases your immune system which increases your chances of getting sick. So you are more likely to get the flu or the cold.

How often do you change your sheets? Once a week? A month? Hardly ever? Well think about his...dust mites love being in that bed...just like you do. The mites themselves are not bad but what they leave behind can get you sick. Their droppings and pieces of their bodies can cause allergies and sickness.

Oh and while we are at it and talking about your bed, how much sleep do you get? If you are not getting enough well there goes your immune system. So you need to get about 7 to nine hours of sleep per night.

So work on all of these habits of yours and let's get to being healthy this cold and flu season.

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