The summer weather is already here even if the calendar still says spring. With these warmer temperatures, we want to cool off. We are welcoming back the ice cream truck into our neighborhoods.

Now we are ready for a nice ice-cold sno cone. Nothing screams summer like a brain freeze-inducing treat. They are the best. I used to think that the idea of a pickle sno cone was disgusting. Wedding cake with extra cream was always my favorite.

Now as I get older the idea of a pickle sno cone doesn't sound all too bad. I mean once in a while. We have many days of summer heat in our future so plenty of time to try them all if we want to.

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So we have different sno cone stands pop up around the city. Some are fixtures and are permanently in a set location. My daughter grew up visiting Cool Cat on 27th and Osage. Even after we moved away from the area that is still the one we visited. I am thrilled to see that even after the drama of a hit and run last year they are still around.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I am still on the hunt for other sno cone stands here in Amarillo. The more the merrier.

Where You Can Go For a Great Sno Cone

  • Cool Cat Sno Cones - 27th & Osage
  • Queen Bee Snow Shack - 2200 E Amarillo Blvd
  • Don't Worry Shaved Ice - 4515 S Georgia
  • Bahama Bucks - 1921 S Western
  • Bahama Bucks - 5509 Bell St
  • Caribbean Ice - 5807 SW 45th Ave
  • Coco Paradise Snow Cones - 4004 River Rd
  • Kona Ice Amarillo - 7641 Canyon Dr
  • The Pop Stop & Sno Ball Stop - 4310 S Western
  • El Tropico - 1111 E Amarillo Blvd
  • El Tropico - 1105 S Grand

Where does your family go for a great snow cone? Is there one that we left off the list?

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