I am a huge fan of pickle juice.  I love dill pickle anything for the most part.  That's why when Sonic announced they were releasing a pickle juice slush this summer I was super excited.

I ran to Sonic and purchase a Pickle Slush and brought it back to the station, grabbed a bunch of people and we all tried it.  Here's what we thought about the Sonic Pickle Slush.

It was funny because when they first announced it Charlie and I had a long discussion about it, unfortunately he wasn't here when we filmed the video.  However I texted him after and told him that it was sweet and just not good.  His response, "so it tasted like sweet relish."  He hit the nail on the head, it tasted like sweet dill pickle relish.  It wasn't good, not when you expect sour and get sweet.  We had mixed reviews,  but you have to be the judge for yourself.

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