I am the first to admit sometimes I miss things. I try not to but it is all part of being human. Now when it comes to food it really surprises me if I don't hear about a new place coming to town.

On the same note, it really surprises me if I find out after the fact that a place closes. Oh, and if I don't know exactly how long it has been gone. I mean how does that even happen? Amarillo is a big little city. I feel that news travels pretty fast.

We talk about places opening for months. I mean for example Roll Em Up Taquito has got to be the most talked about place that we are still waiting for them to open. Which is still in the works.

We also get a lot of talk when some place closes. Like when Fuddrucker's closed at the beginning of the year that got a lot of chatter. Nobody was surprised but nobody expected it at that time either.

So we do a lot of talking here in Amarillo. So I need to know this answer. When did Ly's Cafe on Amarillo Boulevard close down? When I go to Google Maps this is what I see:

Google Maps
Google Maps
Google Maps
Google Maps

That says "Permanently Closed". So they are closed. I don't see a Facebook page for them. When I do a search for Ly's Cafe all I am show and reminded of is the great food they served. So this hurts. Their chicken fried rice, oh and their sticky rice and jerky. I need to know when did they close? If you know please go to our app and message us the answer.

We need to know.

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