Once in a while you get lucky on social media and you see something about someone's llama being on the loose, a goat is blocking traffic, or a cow is roaming residential streets.

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Earlier today, a chicken had flown the coop and decided to pay APD a visit.

Only in Amarillo, right? I've seen people riding their horses down my residential street, so seeing a chicken at the PD seems somewhat normal.

I have to tip my hat to whoever is running the social media account over at APD. I laughed way to long over their post on Facebook.

Where Did the Chicken Come From, and Did It Actually Cross the Road?

It's nice that the chicken was safely returned to its home, but I have questions that need to be answered. For instance, where did it come from?

If you said an egg, you're right; but I need more than that.

I wonder if someone nearby is that neighbor with a backyard chicken. A neighbor of mine had a chicken coop, and the worst part was the rooster who couldn't settle on which time in the early hours of the morning he felt the need to crow.

Hopefully they aren't a member of an HOA. I would hate for those stuffy HOA overlords to find out someone has a chicken if they aren't supposed to.

Backyard Chicken Laws in Texas

That last thought reminded me about backyard chicken laws in Texas. The last time I checked (2019) there was a debate on whether or not the state was going to make it easier for people to own backyard chickens.

From what I've been able to find out, it still largely depends on where you live. There's no official state law on backyard chickens, so you're at the mercy of your city government and HOA if you're a part of one.

At least this chicken who flew the coop and ran a-fowl of the law is back home where it belongs, safe and sound.

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