It's exciting to see that there are some events in Amarillo that still get to happen. That is a good sign, right? I mean we have heard about enough cancellations already for the year 2020. I get it. I do. We want this virus to go away.

We also want some stuff to do. That is why it is good to see that The Peddler Show at the Amarillo Civic Center is still a go. It will be happening this weekend. Just head over to the North Exhibit Hall to do some great shopping.

The hours are Friday from noon until 6 pm. Saturday it is 9 am until 6 pm. The final day is Sunday from 11 am until 4 pm. When I tell you there is something for everyone I am not exaggerating.

You may be looking for stuff for your home, maybe some nice clothes. The girls from work always come to work dressed all cute. When I ask where they got their outfit of course I hear from The Peddler's Show.

There are always lots of cool food there too. Who doesn't love the fudge? The soup mixes? I mean they really do have it all.

I will say I have gone several times to get stuff for my home. That is my weakness. I like things that make my life easier. So here are a few of my finds.

I have also purchased a grill mat for my grill. I do a lot of outdoor cooking. It has since been put to rest, so I don't have a picture. It really made cooking easier. Nothing would stick to the grill and it was much easier to keep the grill clean. That may, also be another future purchase.

So if you want to get out of the house to see what treasures you can find. This weekend would be a good start at The Peddler's Show. Just know your $7 ticket is good all weekend long. So go back a couple of times.

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