Here we are at the start of November, which means it's time to think about Christmas shopping. You may think it's too early but I like to spread it out, one paycheck at a time. It really does make it a lot easier on the bank account.

Regardless of if you are ready or not Christmas will be here before you know it. You can get some holiday shopping done this weekend all in one place. Christmas Roundup is back again at the Amarillo Civic Center.

There are over one hundred vendors for you to visit. I bet you can get some serious shopping started. Heck you may find enough great stuff to get close to even finishing it. Wouldn't that be a great feeling?

Christmas Roundup: When, Where, What, Why

Christmas Roundup is happening this weekend, Friday through Sunday. Not only can you get some shopping done but they will get you in the spirit with the Christmas music going. That will put you in the mood. They are also going to have some great items that you can bid on in their silent auction.

credit: Christmas Roundup Amarillo
credit: Christmas Roundup Amarillo

There will be items for everyone. Yes, men I am talking to you too. So don't be afraid to head out with your families and pick up some great stuff for everyone. There will be clothing, decorations for the home, all sorts of food and stuff for the guys:

This year, the folks at Smoke Wagon Beard Balm are aiming to create a "one-stop man shop" for Christmas Roundup, featuring locally made products from Smoke Wagon Beard Balm, Moody's Leather Co., Gabe's Pipes and Tobacco, and 2B-A Hampton.

So there really will be something for everyone.

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