It is time to go to the gym. You worked up the energy to head that way for a much needed workout.

You know how great you feel after you are done. You think why haven't I done this sooner? The bad thing is we are good at coming up with excuses not to go. Even though we know the benefits outweighs the dread of going.

Maybe you are one of those who just loves to go to the gym. Kudos to you. So if you were to think back at all the excuses you have used? What do you think are some of the most common ones?

Some of these in a recent survey are a little ridiculous. Like one is that they ate too much. Well isn't that the exact reason you NEED to get to the gym? Some of these yes, I admit are true and I may have actually used.

You may have as well. The number one excuse is that you were too tired. Yes, getting up as early as I do to head to work. I can say I have been guilty of saying that.

Have you ever used the excuse that the weather was too bad? How about that you have too much work to do? Guilty! Maybe you even stayed at work too late. Heading to the gym now will just mean getting home too late.

Here is the thing. It is SO easy to come up with an excuse. The world is full of excuses. We need to sit back and think that those excuses really don't fly. You don't have to work out for an hour.

There is no magical amount of time that you have to be moving. The idea is that you just need to get moving. Even if you can only hit the treadmill for 30 minutes.....or even 15 minutes at an intense speed it is so much better than sitting home and watching Netflix.


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