I'm not really the type of person who enjoys other people's pain but with that being said. I find a lot of my time being spent on a certain Facebook page.

I can spend hours on this.  To say it is entertaining at times....well it is. I am not really sure who actually runs the page and who has all the time to find all these mugshots in Randall County.

All I know is sometimes reading the comments is enough. Following the memes that are posted and the GIFS. Sometimes it gets a little out of hand and mean. It's still interesting to watch.The mugshots are posted on the page and so are the charges. That is when the fun begins for the members of the page.

Members are allowed to request for them to post past mugshots. When that happens we do see a lot of complaints. Since we are just rejoicing in someone's past pain. To be fair their disclaimer is 100% correct.

Disclaimer: All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Mugshots are collected from local law enforcement agencies that are searchable by every Tom, *DicK* and Jayne. We are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency.

We do not accept payment to post a mugshot and we certainly do not accept any form of payment or bribe to remove a mugshot.

Comments expressed by others do not represent the views of those who are posting these mugshots on this page.


It doesn't make it any less of a time suck. Yes, I will find people I even know on there from time to time. This is definitely a page I wouldn't want to be featured on. I even made sure I told my daughter she had best not ever end up on it. I was teasing her but then I would see some friends she had worked or gone to school with and felt lucky it wasn't her.

The only thing I am really hoping for is a Potter County Mugshot page too. I mean with as often as I get called for Jury Duty in Potter....I can only imagine the long list of arrests and mugshots they have on a daily basis.

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