Now that football season is over and, wow, ended with an amazing game, here are 5 things you can look forward to now that football is over with for the year.

Baseball with bat and mitt
  • 1

    Baseball Season

    Yes! Baseball! The MLB season starts on April 2nd. I'm a Texas Rangers fan so I'm looking forward to the start of the season. The Texas Rangers play their season opener on April 3rd.

  • 2


    I've never been a Nascar fan, but I know a lot of people who love the sport.  The 2017 season kicks off on February 18th.

  • 3

    March Madness

    Of course basketball season has already started, but the bid daddy of basketball is in March. So get ready to get those brackets ready.  Selection Sunday is March 12th.

  • 4

    Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale

    This is two days where you can find some of the best treasures.  It's a weekend of shopping for one of a kind items.  Or it can be two days where you sell your stuff and make some money.  It's coming up March 17th and 18th.

  • 5

    Spring Break

    The kid's get a week of school and maybe you get a week off work.  It's the perfect break in the year to refresh yourself so you can make it to Summer.

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