We all want to go to work and have friends. It sure makes the day go by faster if you have someone who is facing the same day you are everyday.

Having friends at your job really is great. You just need to make sure that they are the right ones for you.There are some co-workers that you need to avoid.

The co-worker that is considered a soul-sucker. This is the friend that comes to you day after day needing help. Needing support. Needing advice but never has time for you. Avoid this person at all cost.

Then we all know the Martyr. You get to hear them complain all the time about how busy they are. You listen to how they are doing everyone else's work. Poor them you know. The thing is that this person might be saying the same about you behind your back.

Then there is that co-worker who is just a chit-chatter. You know the one. I am not talking about the one who comes in to catch up for a minute or two. Oh no way. This is the one who doesn't know when you shut up. The problem with this is first it could take up your entire day and put you behind at work. The other problem is you don't want to look to the other's (especially your boss) that you don't have work to do. It looks bad if you are talking all the time and not working.

Another toxic co-worker is the Know-It-All. They don't need anyone's help or anyone's ideas. The worst part is if things don't turn out as planned they are not the first one to jump up and take responsibility either. They find someone else to blame. The problem with this is that a lot of bosses fall into this category.

Are you able to see these types of co-workers where you work?

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