Have you ever found yourself drifting away? I mean you are sitting at work and your mind starts to wonder. You find yourself daydreaming. Now the boss notices too. So that can be bad for you.

Luckily you may have had a little extra time to daydream in 2020 while you have been working from home. Hopefully by the time we are all back in the office our bosses will finally understand how that daydreaming is actually helping us.

That time we spend daydreaming can actually help us come up with a solution to a problem. A work problem. So that is good. If we can just sit for a minute or two and let our mind wonder we have the ability to come up with great solutions.

Do you have a huge project coming up and you don't know how to face it? Well you could lose sleep over it and how is that helping? All that tossing and turning you are doing at night could be because of all that work stress. If you sit back at your desk and allow you some time to just meditate on it. Let your mind empty a bit and you can possibly see a solution. So see taking that time during the work day could help you not have to focus on it at night. Losing sleep over a work issue only causes you lack of sleep and then more work problems.

So bosses know that your employees may need a minute but they will come back stronger than ever. We just all need a moment or two just don't take advantage of it.

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