We know we need food. Food is as important to your body as fuel is to a car. You need it to get up and go.

You also need it to not get hangry. Did you also no it is important to make sure you have food in your stomach before you make a big decision? Apparently if you don't you end up making bad decisions if you are hungry.

There has been research done to back this up and it found that when you are hungry you become impatient. When you are impatient guess what? You tend to make dumber and even more impulsive decisions.

We all know that it is a dumb move to go grocery shopping when you are hungry, right? I mean you end up with a $300 food bill and tons of food that will probably go bad before you ever get the chance to eat it. It looked good at the time.

But being hungry and having decisions to make end up working the same way. You end up grabbing at every option and not picking the correct one. So any time you have a big day ahead of you at work and you will need to be making those decisions....make sure you have a meal or two before the decision making time. This could help you out in the long run.

Have you ever been really hungry and made a bad decision? What was it? Comment below.


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