I was reading this story about how much good sleep do you get in a month. I mean I tried to look back at the last month to think how much I would say I got. I am a horrible sleeper.

I know this. I know I have to be below average. Turns out I am correct. The average American gets only 10 really good nights of sleep a month. I can say with confidence  that I only get 8. Well it depends on how many Friday's and Saturday nights there ends up being. I only sleep great on those nights.

When we are not getting the sleep we need there are some things we turn to that we shouldn't. It keeps us from getting back to sleep. Some things that people do end up helping.

If you are one to watch TV then you are not helping your cause at all. It is the biggest mistake we make. The light from the TV can actually keep you up longer.

A lot of people also turn to social media or just end up online. Like watching TV, that is also a bad decision. The light from your screen also will keep you awake.

So what can you do? Reading a book is good to help lull you back to sleep. Even just lying there and staring at the ceiling can help. Anything that doesn't get your mind in a tizzy can help.

I find myself tossing and turning a lot. That definitely doesn't help me at all. So next time I will grab a book and see if that helps.

What helps you get back to sleep? Comment below.

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