It is that time of year where we just know that people are going to start getting sick. As we all rush over to United, Walgreens or any of our local pharmacies to get a flu shot we know it is inevitable we will at some point just not feel well.

This year, though, with covid-19 still around it seems like that is going to be our first jump to when we feel bad. I mean one of the symptoms is losing your sense of taste. If you experience that symptom is it automatic that you have the virus?

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No, not necessarily. Though, it wouldn't hurt to err on the side of caution and get tested. I mean that is what everyone is going to think anyway. There are other things that cause the loss of taste as well.

Are you one that normally suffers from allergies? It seems everyone in Amarillo has that issue when the weather changes or just because there is so much wind blowing around so much that mess with our sinuses. When you end up so congested and with so much inflammation it can mess with your sense of taste and other senses. So it could get be your allergies.

If you are one that has dental issues like an oral infection that can also mess with your sense of taste as well. So you may just need to make an appointment with your dentist. You can usually tell if an infection is the cause because you will have the overwhelming taste of metal in your mouth.

Anything that messes with your sense of smell also can be the culprit when you lose your sense of taste. So it could be just as easy as not getting enough of the nutrients your body needs. Or maybe it is just the flu. So you may have to go and get a test to be on the safe side.

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