Sometimes these stories come out at the weirdest times. I mean it's all about the timing. We are doing remodeling here at the station and their are some stuff we are getting rid of that won't be with our new look.

I found three of these exercise ball chairs and I brought one into the studio. I don't sit down much but I wondered if I wanted to sit if it would help. So I tried it out. I, feel, that when I do sit down on the chair that it does seem to help my lower back stretch out a bit. That is what I use it for.

Chair Studio

Of course no sooner do I get the chair in the studio then I read about the CDC doing a study about people using an exercise ball for a chair. They say that using one isn't actually doing anything for your health. They even say it could make it worse.

They say that sitting on the ball doesn't do anything to help our your core or your posture and that it could lead to lower back pain. That is not the news I wanted to hear. I mean I am not using it for core strength. I am not using it to get healthier. I am using it to help my lower back. Not to make it worse.

If you think you are burning more calories by sitting on an exercise ball think again. I mean unless four calories is enough for you. That is about how much you will be burning an hour. So a total of only thirty two calories during your work day.

How should you use an exercise ball? For actual exercise. You know trying to do sit-ups while on the ball. That works. As a chair they say nope don't bother.

I, though, am going to continue using it to try to stretch out my lower back. I am going to do my own research. I know I will not lose weight sitting on it....but it is relieving the pain for now. So I will keep it up.

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