Did you ever think that hand sanitizer would become one of the most important products of 2020? I mean between that and toilet paper….who knew? Yep, it is a thing. You see people using it all the time. Especially now. You can get the normal unscented kind or even the fancy smelling stuff from Bath & Body Works.

The question is, though, do you know how to use it? I mean do you really know how it should be used correctly?

I see people all the time taking a pump or two out of the bottle and then just rubbing their hands together for a few seconds and off they go. Does that sound familiar to you?

We know we need to wash our hands for at least twenty seconds but what about hand sanitizer? Are you guilty of rubbing it in for just a few seconds?  If so, I hate to inform you that you are in fact using it the wrong way. It's OK because I am here to help. The correct way should take much longer than currently. I mean why use it if you are not actually sanitizing your hands?

If your goal is to kill all the bacteria on your hands, and yes that should be your goal. The correct way is to put the sanitizer on your hands and the rub them vigorously until they are totally dry. This should take at least 15 seconds.

If it takes less than that then you didn't use enough of the sanitizer and you better try again. If this is you then you didn't kill all the bacteria.

So the next time you need clean hands. It may be because you are not near a sink or you are on the go but near someone with a cold. Grab for that hand sanitizer. Also make sure you use plenty and that it takes at least 15 seconds to rub in your hands.

If it does you have conquered how to successfully use hand sanitizer and you may avoid getting that cold, flu, or the coronavirus that 2020 brought us.


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