Things have really changed these past few weeks. Some people are out of work. A lot are working from home. There are still others who are considered essential that still have to go in to work. We thank these people for keeping us safe, fed and with supplies.

There are some things that we have done in the past few weeks that we may have never done before. There are things that we are learning to do. Before the past few weeks have you ever worked from home? Are you now?

How about those video meetings or even Facetime phone calls. Not all of us have ever done that. Especially when it comes to work. I know I have been on video meetings at both of my jobs. Something I have never done before.

You may have worked out at home before. Now though almost everyone, if they are working out, are having to do it at home. People who were not prepared to work out at home are having to improvise with equipment. People are looking for regular household items to use in their routine. It seems that canned goods can make good weights.

People are using delivery services and online ordering a lot more too. People are having lunch or dinner delivered a lot more than previously. We are also taking advantage of pre-ordering our groceries too. We either let it be delivered or go to the store where it is already waiting for us.

We are learning a whole new way. We can work from home and spend a lot more time with our family. We are learning to be teachers. We are learning how to self distance. We are learning a lot these days.


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