Relationships can be hard. Finding that person that you want to spend the rest of your life with can be tricky. So what do you think is the key to your relationship?

Is it the countless date nights? Those are nice to have. It's not the key. Is it all the stuff you have in common that you can do together? Still important but not the key. You actually are needing "me-time" as well.

You each need to take time for yourself too. Not a whole lot. On average about 6 hours a week. Less than an hour a day to just concentrate on you. If both of you are able to do that it will bring you closer according to a recent survey.

What are some things you can do in your alone time? You can watch that TV show or movie that only you would enjoy. Take some time to decompress and read a book. Go to the gym and take a class.

If you feel comfortable with it a lot of people like to go and eat a meal alone. A little me-time can go a long way. Some other popular answers are taking some time out to go shopping or just going for a walk. How about going to go and get your hair done. It doesn't need to be a long activity. Just choose something that when you are done and you get back to spending time with your significant other you can talk about your experience. It will help bring you even closer together.

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