A lot of people have trouble sleeping just because they can't sleep. You may be able to fall asleep easily but maybe you can't stay asleep. Or maybe you can stay asleep once you finally dose off but what happens when you get in a relationship?

Sleep is important and we already have about twenty six nights of bad sleep a year according to a survey. So what would you do if you found out you and your significant other were not sleep compatible?

Do you sleep with the fan on and they don't? Do you like the TV on while they don't? Maybe they like it cooler in the room while you are freezing. Oh what about the firmness of the mattress? Would you end things?

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Then there are the people who like to cuddle while the other wants to sleep as far apart as possible. You know one of you likes to steal the covers and one probably snores. There are so many things to consider. Are there deal breakers?

I know some couples sleep in separate rooms. Some do it because of different work schedules. Others decide to try it because they are trying to be considerate due to one of the above issues.

So to keep up with your valuable sleep would you break up with someone if you were not sleep compatible. Would this be anything you would even be concerned with if they were perfect for you in every other way? Three out five people say yes that they would break up with them.

I love my sleep. It is very important to me but I think there are other ways around this situation besides just a break up. How about sleeping with earplugs? Or separate blankets to avoid the stealing of the covers? If worst comes to worst you can try the separate rooms.

Would you break up over not being sleep compatible? Comment below.

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