You head out of town and need a ride to your hotel. Do you call a cab? Or an Uber? They both can be very handy to get you where you need to go.

We know how even easier it is these days to grab an Uber. Technology is great isn't it? There is a reason to go old school and maybe catch that cab.

A study was done that found the average Uber or Lyft is actually filled with over 200 times more germs than the average taxi. I think of a taxi and think how could that be? I mean a lot of them, that I picture are OLD.

Well the sad truth is that taxis get cleaned regularly and Ubers don't. Taxi's have to go through a lot more to stay on the road and are regulated a lot closer than Ubers.

The germiest place in an Uber? Well the button to roll down your window. The most bacteria by far is there. Don't worry that seatbelt is second.

Rental cars are just as bad. The dirtiest places there? The steering wheel and the gear shift. Of course the two places we will be touching the most.

Maybe next time you travel bring your antibacterial wipes with you. You can sneak a quick wipe without the driver seeing right? Well if not just make sure you wash your hands right away. I mean as soon as you get out of the car. That seems to be the easiest fix.

Travel on!


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