I feel like most of my college days was spent choosing a meal out of a vending machine. Now when I say meal, I really mean like chili cheese Fritos or ranch flavored Fritos. Those were my go to back then.

Now it seems that may become more of a thing of the past. It may become harder to find those Fritos I so really wanted. Vending machines starting on January 1 of 2020 will start containing more and more healthy items then before.

Of course by adding more healthy items it means they will start taking away more of the unhealthy options. I didn't know that there was a group that monitored what went into those machines but I guess there is. The National Automatic Merchandising Association decides what goes into the vending machines. They just agreed to increase the amount of healthy options to a full third of everything in there.

So basically from what the choices are now they are going to make an additional 9% of the choices healthy.

They have not mentioned what the healthier vending machine items may end up being. I am pretty sure that my before mentioned Frito's options will not be as easy to find as they were during my days at Amarillo College.

I feel that they may now include more granola bars, dried fruits (not like the fruit roll ups I remember).

So vending machines will become a thing of the past to get unhealthy items like in the past. That is not necessarily a bad thing.


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