We have been told for weeks and weeks the importance of washing your hands. It's a great idea to wash them when you get home from the store. It's a great idea to wash your hands a lot more than you have in the past.

That is the main way that the spread of coronavirus is spread. You touch something that has the virus on it and then you touch your face. It really is that simple. So yes you need to wash, wash, wash.

Is that the same when it comes to washing your clothes? You go out to the store to grab a few things. You get home. Do you need to wash your clothes at that point? It turns out. probably not.

Washing your hands is way more important. You are more likely to spread the coronavirus by touching a solid surface than you are by touching fabric. The researchers are not totally sure how long the virus stays on clothing. Just know that the virus generally survives longer on artificial fibers, such as polyester versus cotton.

If you wourk in fields such as in the healthcare profession you will need to be a lot  more careful with your clothes. The same thing goes if you live with a person who is sick. It may be a good idea to do more laundry in that situation.

When you do laundry make sure you use hot water. It is much better than cold. The coronavirus tends to be sensitive to higher temperatures. When you put the clothes in the dryer that high heat helps too.

Always make it a habit to wash your hands after touching dirty clothes. That should be a rule anytime not just during this outbreak.

So you can still do your weekly laundry instead of daily. So that is some good news.

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