It was a crazy couple of months for anyone who worked in the restaurant business. It still hasn't kicked back up full force. We still can only dine at fifty percent. That makes going out to eat sometimes tougher than we would like.

Especially when it comes to dining out at peak times. Oh and travelling can be rough too. While in Vegas I couldn't get a reservation for our group to eat on my daughter's birthday any time after 4pm. So that is when dinner was....4 pm.

So dining out has been a challenge for the workers and the employees. There are some ways you can make the experience safer for you as well. We all know we need to wear a mask. That has become the mainstay pretty much anywhere we go. Of course once we sit down we tend to take that mask off. Where do you set it? The answer is apparently not on the table. Which yes I am guilty of this. I never thought this could be an issue. But think about don't know how good they cleaned it. So it is safer to put that mask in your purse, your pocket....or have a ziplock or brown paper bag to keep it in while dining.

Make sure you have your hand sanitizer. I am guilty of this too. I feel I can just go to the restroom to wash up. You don't know that could be worse. So wash up before you leave and have hand sanitizer to do the rest.

So once you get to the table do you need to put your mask back on at all? Probably not. So only if you get up to go to the restroom. The issue is the more you touch your mask the worse off you are. So keep it put up until you need it.

The last tip is all on you. Make sure you go out to eat with people that are safe. I know. oWhen you plan a night out you don't want to check their temperature....or ask about their past health screenings. You do need to know some of this for your own safety. Are they feeling sick? If so.....delay the meal. I know. You can't be too sure right now.

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:



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