I know when this first all started I thought people wearing face masks were just over cautious. I thought maybe they were sick and trying to make sure I didn't get it....but as this has gone on and on I feel I am the one outnumbered by not having a mask. I looked online to order them. I also know I can make one with some household materials....hey my daughter even sent me home with some scarves. Believe me I may start using them for my own makeshift mask.

We are more a society doing whatever we need to so this can end. We want to get back to a normal life. Before that can happen we have to kick this virus's behind. What are some of the things we are doing besides wearing masks?

I feel we have really stepped up our hand washing game. I have always been a fan of over washing. I feel everyone else is finally catching up with me. That is the biggest way to stop spreading this virus by washing it away.

I have also noticed that we are getting really good that this social distancing thing. It was kind of weird at first. I was always a hugger or hand shaker......now we are all learning it is ok to keep our distance.

Do you also find yourself very leery about touching anything? I do love the fact that when I enter Market Street United or Walmart that they are now washing the cart handle before it goes on to the next person. I know they have always had the wipes up front. I feel that if I grabbed for a wipe I seemed like the judgy one. Now that we are all judging and this is a thing....I love it.

What other changes have we been making to avoid getting sick? Comment below.

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