As we are getting closer to the end of the week how are you feeling? Are you tired? Do you feel like you are always tired? I know towards the end of the week I feel like I am just about running on empty.

We are even more ready to drive thru the Sonic on Georgia to get a Route 44 iced tea. We just need that caffeine. Or maybe take a swing through Starbucks and get that Grande Iced Coffee. We just know we need something.

So as we get further into the week and wake up each morning less and less refreshed. You know the feeling. You are trying to calculate how many hours before you can crawl back in bed. That also seems to be a pipe dream because, well, you know, life.

If you don't get the rest that your body needs there are so many other issues you can run into. How many of these are you guilty of? Come on let's be honest.

Lack of sleep puts us in a bad mood. I know I can feel when that happens. The total 3 hours of sleep I got last night helped me wake up a bit groggy. I know that as the day progresses I run the risk of getting a bit on the cranky side.

We also will have a harder time focusing. Do you notice that? When your sleep lacks it is hard to work and pay attention to a meeting or even your kiddos. We have all been guilty of that.

Of course when we get little sleep it really is hard to make smart choices when it comes to eating. We tend to reach for the chips or cookies. It is much easier to snack then it is to make healthy food when we are tired.

The biggest thing that I notice is when I get little to no sleep that is when my body turns on me. My body has a way of telling me to slow down a little bit. It sometimes is the only way I will listen. I start getting sick and it forces me to slow down.

So before you get to that stage do what you can to get a good night sleep. Try to lay down at least 15 minutes earlier than the night before. Do what you can to be proactive and keep from suffering all of these issues due to lack of sleep.


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