It is so silly to me that this is the only time we are concerned so much about washing our hands. We have a cold and flu season every year. So it just makes sense that we should ALWAYS be concerned with washing up.

That is the first and foremost best defense from getting sick. If we were more diligent with our hand washing we could prevent getting sick every single year. Why did it take Cornavirus to realize this?

So, let me ask you something. Maybe you are out and about and you NEED to wash your hands. Right? That is bound to happen. Maybe where you are ran out of soap? Is it OK to just use water? It is. It is just not your best option. It is better, though, than not making the attempt to wash at all. Get that hot water flowing and scrub those hands. It will help a bit.

Washing with soap is your best bet after all. Most soaps have two very important ingredients in keeping you clean. They contain Vegetable or animal fat and lye (which is aka sodium hydroxide).

What does soap do for you? It removes germs from your hands. It doesn't just kill them. Soap makes them go away. Soap is terrific at thisl.

When your hands are dirty germs tend to stick all over the oil and grease that ends up on our skin. If you use just water it won't go away. Soap is this magical mixture that wants to bind with water and also wants to bind with oil. This binding helps remove those germs.

Here is what happens that soap you are using sticks to those oil molecules, you know where all the germs are collecting. Once that happens the water than washes them away and down the drain. This is the best reason to use soap too. It really does do a much better job.

Though, if you find yourself away from it.....just water will help better than nothing at all. Let's all wash our hands. OK?

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