We are getting used to going out to the stores and seeing people wearing face masks. That has become quite the norm. How about gloves? Have you been seeing those as much too?

I have seen some people wear them. I think that I have seen more people, though, on Facebook complaining about how people are disposing of them. Have you seen those photos? People who are just throwing them in their carts? Come on people. You are not helping anyone here if you don't throw them out. Nobody wants to clean up your used gloves (and masks) for that matter.

So is it important or even beneficial to wear gloves. Well the answer is that wearing gloves may end up harming more than it helps. If you touch something with your gloves guess what? You can still spread the virus.

Did you know that the virus sticks way better to your gloves than they would on your skin? Probably not.

The other problem is you feel you are protected when you have gloves on. Truth is you are still touching all sorts of germy surfaces. Then because you really are not thinking about it you end up touching your face. Don't let your guard down.

Now back to disposing of your gloves. First if you leave them for others to pick up....well just don't. When you take them off you also want to do it as carefully as you can. The last thing you want to do is to touch the surface of your glove with your unprotected skin. You are just then transferring all those germs you were trying to protect yourself from.

The easiest and safest way to take them off is to grab the outside of one gloved hand with the other....pull your hand out while also turning that glove inside out. Then use your ungloved hand and using the glove that is inside out to grab the other glove.....do the same thing. Now you have two inside-out gloves....keep those together and toss them in the garbage. For safe measures wash your hands.

If you are not near a sink this is the exact time you need hand sanitizer. If you are going to wear gloves at least make sure they are keeping you safe.

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