We are lucky if we get out of town a couple times a year. Or taking a vacation at all. We know that our mind and body needs a break.

Does it seem to matter whether they are shorter trips but more frequent? Or is it better to have longer trips but less often. Does it seem to make a difference. If it does than why?

We tend to be happier taking more trips but for a shorter time frame. Do you tend to agree with that statement? Well according to a new study, 90% of people say yes they'd rather take a bunch of short trips over one long one.

Why is that? They tend to be less stressful to plan. They also are a lot cheaper and it also let's us travel more often.

So it seems to be better for our health to get away more often for those reasons. If you only have to plan for a few weekend getaways but can do them even more often it seems to be better all the way around.

If you can find a way to recharge several times a year it is better for you in the long run. Even if it amounts to less time away. It's not the quantity but in fact the quality of the get away.



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