Zoom meetings have made staying connected during this time a lot easier. For the most part that is. I mean we do get to see our co-workers that we are displaced from. We get to chat with our boss and come up with new ideas. Who would have thought that when 2020 that this would be our reality?

Do you like all the Zoom meetings? Since we are at the end of the week are you feeling a bit more tired from ALL of the meetings? There is a new term called "Zoom fatigue." It's a thing. Where Zoom has made some things easier there are other aspects that it has not.

Some of the reasons we feel a bit more exhausted after a meeting is we are now making eye contact more than we have ever before. If there a bunch of people on the call you may not even know who is making eye contact with whom but it can be exhausting. Usually in a meeting in a room we are looking all around. We are not really doing that now because we want to look engaged. That can be tiresome.

Zoom meetings are tough because it can be difficult to know when you can talk. Only one can at a time. Yes, in a real meeting that happens too.....but it is a lot easier to work that out. Waiting your turn and knowing when it actually is your turn can be a pain. If you interrupt someone than nobody gets their point accross.

Do you find yourself worrying more about how you look. I mean you are not only looking at everyone in the meeting but you are looking at yourself too. Your face is up on that screen too and you can see it. That makes a lot of people feel a little more stressed and you find yourself messing with your hair a bit more. You want to make sure you put your best face forward.

A way you can make things a little easier, if you can, try not to have so many back to back video meetings. Hey why not pick up the phone from time to time....or text.....chat....break it all up and you may make it a lot less stressful.


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