There are so many ways the world has changed since I went to school. I don't remember one time that there was a threat to a school I attended. We had fire drills and tornado drills.

We never had to worry about what we would do if our school receive a threat via social media or any other outlet. Life was so much easier then. I know technology has made things easier as well.....but sometimes the outlets we have can make us, as parents, scared.

Case in point. Apparently there was a threat to Amarillo Independent School District that someone saw somewhere. Here is there response:

We want to let you know we are aware of a vague threatening message spreading on social media. Amarillo Police have investigated and do not believe the threat is credible. The post, which has been altered many times over the last couple of days and then reshared, does not mention a specific school, and police are not sure the original post even started in Amarillo. We understand that this can be unsettling, but we take all rumors seriously which is why we have taken some additional security precautions. We will remain vigilant about campus security, and encourage our parents and students that if you See Something, Say Something.

So parent's sleep better knowing that our school districts are on top of things when something like this happens. It is just a darn shame that they have to be.


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