Many families here in Amarillo grew up with Steve from Blues Clues. We were all sad to see him go off to college. At least that was the explanation we were given recently when Steve showed back up on Tik Tok, and other social media platforms.

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We were thrilled to see Steve get back, if even for a bit, with Joe and Josh recently. We all got into our feels. Even for a brief moment seeing Steve made our hearts happy. It brought me back to another Steve connection.

This one blew (no pun intended) my mind. Really it did.

Do You Watch Young Sheldon?

If you do then Steve, real name Steve Burns, has been on your TV in recent years. Yes, I was watching the show when I realized I really liked the theme song but wanted to see what the lyrics actually were. So I googled Young Sheldon's theme song.

That is when I found out that the singer of the song "Mighty, Mighty Man" was in fact Steve Burns. Yes, that Steve Burns.

Steve from Blues Clues Has Been in a Band Over the Years

I feel like I really solved the biggest mystery. There were not three paw prints to help me on this way. Just my love for Young Sheldon and now this song that I can't stop listening to over and over again.

Just looking at some of the comments on the video. Brought me back:

bawling my eyes out... lol and also filled with joy to have found him again. My kids and I loved Blues Clues...when he left, it's like a part of us all just went too. -LoseTheHate


The message I’m taking away from this song is: Thanks for doing your part, you sure are smart. You know with me and you and my dog Blue, we can do ANYTHING...that we want to do. -TheWestFire


Glad to see people still remember him as Steve from Blue's Clues! I could not believe when I saw HE wrote this song, I was so happy! -Yara


I love this song, my brother told me that it was Steve from Blues Clues singing this song, he was watching Young Sheldon when he told me -Celestine

I could go on and on about people not realizing this in fact was Steve from Blues Clues. This is just awesome.

I know that other fans of Blues Clues here in Amarillo get the nostalgia. Even though I was an adult watching the show, I still feel like I just figured out Blues Clues. My heart couldn't be happier right now.

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