I have a running joke with a lot of my friends. They know when a business is, “right by my house”. That is anyplace between the Canyon E-way and Georgia and all the way up to I-40 and Georgia. Georgia Street is my hood, I claim all of it as my own in terms of what's going on.

So when I heard there was a fire that destroyed some businesses near my home I felt a loss. As they were right by my house. Some businesses were spared in the shopping center of 34th and Georgia in Georgia Village, As the fire crew spent most of the night trying to put out the blaze. It turns out it was an electrical fire that caused all of this.

As I woke up on Sunday, I saw friends post about their damage. The ammunition store Steel Heart Tactical was hit with damage as well as Phone Medic. The Owner Debbie Jobe took to Facebook the blaze that engulfed her businesses including the aftermath of the electrical fire.

I would text Andrew Brandt and say “hey I am having computer issues.” He would come to my house and help fix them. Oh, and if you look him up on Amazon he's an author with many bestsellers. He's a great person who can fix computer issues and I feel terrible his business has been hit.

I know his business is not the only one. It’s just the one I have the most personal experience with. I'm confident in our city that we will come together and help these businesses get back on their feet.

credit Andrew Brandt, Phone Medic
credit Andrew Brandt, Phone Medic

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