I am an animal lover and try to be the best pet owner I can. I adopted from shelters, and rescue programs. We have 2 dogs and a cat, who have all been spayed or neutered. All of their shots are current and they go to the vet when needed.

Amarillo's Animal Management & Welfare are proposing some changes including shortening the stray hold from 3 days to 2 and they want your input. Please give it to them.

I literally woke in the middle of the night, earlier this week, worried about what would have happened, if the pets we have now, had been subject to a short wait time for being euthanized. Would they be part of our family?

The AAM & W has gone through some serious criticism over the euthanization policy in place now, Imagine if that time is shortened by a full day. Or if you're out of town, and your pet makes an escape. Under the new proposal, you would have 24 hours LESS, to find them.

Amarillo needs to lessen the number of dogs and cats who die, not increase it, There have been calls for a "No Kill" shelter in Amarillo as other Texas cities, have adopted. Dallas has figured it out. So have Austin, El Paso, Corpus Christi, and Lubbock,

You can help by being a responsible pet owner. A good 90% of us, are never going to breed our pets so get them spayed or neutered, They don't care about sex, the way humans do. Have them micro-chipped, so if they do get lost, the shelter has way to contact you. Keep their shots current and make sure they have collars with tags on.

The final public meeting for comments and concerns will be Wednesday, June 6th, 6 PM at the Downtown library. Bring your comments and concerns. If Amarillo is known for a silly baseball team name, it will be better than being infamous, for an increased euthanasia rate, not lower.

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