Here we go again. It was about this time last year that KAMR channel 4 was dropped by AT&T and now the battle between Nexstar Media and Dish Network is getting heated. Dish dropped KCIT Fox 14 weeks ago leaving viewers without football and the Simpsons.  Now it’s about to happen on NBC affiliate KAMR. Dish Network and Nexstar Media are fighting over terms for a new distribution agreement and it could lead to one of the largest local channel blackouts ever.

If Dish and Nexstar are unable to reach an agreement by Wednesday, Dec. 2, Dish customers will lose access to 164 Nexstar local broadcast channels in 115 U.S. markets including Amarillo.

KAMR Local 4 and DISH have a contract that allows them to carry our programming to you.  That contract expires Wednesday, December 2nd, and if the contract is not renewed with a new agreement, DISH  might remove KAMR Local 4 from your schedule. KAMR Local 4 has presented a proposal for fair value, based on the importance and value our programming brings to our viewers.  Despite our tireless efforts, DISH has refused our fair offer and is making negotiations very difficult.  You might have seen them do this before. They will tell you it’s for your benefit, but don’t believe it.  Our offer is fair.  And now they hold you the subscriber hostage.  It’s not right.


Nexstar is one of the biggest  broadcast television station groups in America. and Dish claims the company is using its size to “strong-arm” providers into paying “outrageous rates” that Dish said will result in price increases for consumers.

Stay tuned…..

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