It is that most wonderful time of the year. Don't think because we are all in the holiday cheer that the bad guys are taking any time off. I think they feel this is the best time to try to scam us. So don't fall for anything.

If something seems to good to be true then it probably is just that. There are all kinds of scams out there. The too good to be true are one. There are also the ones where they just try to take your money. You think you are helping a good cause when you are just lining some bad persons pocket.

Just yesterday the Amarillo Police Department discovered they were again being involved in a scam. Since it is Christmas time the scammers are using our holiday cheer. We sure love our Ugly Christmas sweaters so this is the route they decided to try to go.

This is according to Amarillo Police Departments Facebook page:

We have been made aware of a text message that some citizens have received claiming that APD is doing an Ugly Christmas Sweater this year. This is a scam. Do not purchase and do not open any links.
If you get texts or emails or calls and you're not sure. DO NOT open or buy or give them any information. DO call the APD crime prevention unit and we will share the information with the public.
Also, contact the BBB and let them know. They track all scams in our area and keep their website updated regularly.
SCAMS are on the rise and the scammers are creative. GUARD your identity and yourself. Ask questions. Be skeptical.
Have a safe and happy holiday season.
Never click on a link that you receive in a text like this. It could open you up to fraud.
credit: Amarillo Police Department Facebook Page
credit: Amarillo Police Department Facebook Page
Take their advice and always be skeptical and like they said to ask many questions. We just want you safe and not lose your hard earned cash.

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