It turns out the news for the Amarillo Sod Poodles didn't just end with their fantastic season. In their Inaugural Season they have done so much.

They won the first half of the season ensuring them a spot in the post season. A great feat for their first season in Amarillo. They even ended up winning the Texas League Championship. Oh and their manager won top honors too.

You would think the good news couldn't keep continuing but more great news out of Hodgetown today. It looks to be that the Sod Poodles will be hosing the 2020 Texas League All-Star game in Hodgetown coming up in 2020.

The game will be taking place in Downtown Amarillo coming up on June 23rd. Of course all tickets and event information for this All-Star Game will be announced at a later date.

Just knowing we will continue to see some of the best of the best continuing in 2020 is great for Amarillo.

They also unveiled the official All-Star Game logo as well. If it looks familiar at all it's because it features a Texas Panhandle Icon in Tex Randall.

2020 All-Star Logo
credit: Sod Poodles Website

You want to be first to own your All-Star Game merchandise? Get on over to the Sod Poodles Team Shop - 715 S Buchanan or online HERE. Just know that there are  limited amounts of merchandise. So I probably won't wait to long. Especially if you want to be like all the cool kids.


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