So I spent my Friday night watching Amarillo on TV. The dancing...the romance...the murder?
Yep, Amarillo was featured on 20/20 again. It is not a new story but it has a new semi ending.
A dance class. A girl in love with a doctor...but not the doctor in Amarillo. Her dance partner/doctor from Lubbock. So Richelle Shetina was caught in the middle.
Until 2012 when Mike Dixon had cops show up to his door because Dr. Sonnier was murdered in Lubbock. This doctor was Richelle’s dance partner in Lubbock.
Mike Dixon was not the one who killed Dr. Sonnier. We know that. His friend, a common crook in Amarillo, Dave Shepard did. He is in prison. Those 3 silver bars he received for payment didn't get him very far!
Mike Dixon was too. Up until this past January. Yep, he was released. His case was overturned. Why? He is getting a new trial.
The 7th Court of Appeals in Amarillo overturned his conviction. Yep it’s true!
“Failure to suppress historical cell site location information obtained without a warrant” was one reason. Basically they used his cell phone location information without a warrant.
Another reason was the judge closed the courtroom in times he shouldn’t have.
So he is out! He is living in Amarillo. He is a free man. Innocent until proven guilty again!
I hope this trial happens soon.


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